Meet The 365 Guys

About The Show

The 365 Fantasy Football podcast is an independent fantasy football podcast that made its debut in 2020.

The team records and produces content year-round and is active on social media every day to assist in all things fantasy football, making it a true 365-day crew devoted to bringing listeners and viewers the most accurate information to ensure fantasy football dominance for years to come. The 365 guys have dug deep to uncover some advanced metrics and utilize an interactive campaign that allows members of the audience to participate in the show as a guest host, making it the first truly interactive fantasy football podcast.

The team is excited to bring their fresh perspective and information to the audience and whether you are new to fantasy football or a seasoned veteran, the 365 guys have an easy listening platform that is perfect for everyone. Covering Dynasty, Redraft, Best Ball and so much more, the 365 Fantasy Football podcast is your one stop shop for all your fantasy football needs. Why spend your valuable time researching the endless stats when this team has done it for you? Sit back, enjoy the show and start watching those championships pile up!


Austin is a devoted husband and father of four. He is a multi-time fantasy football champion with a passion for uncovering data that can give him (and now the audience) a competitive edge over league mates. Fantasy football has always meant more to him than simply playing a game; it’s a source of fun camaraderie and an avenue to meet and engage with new people from all over the world. Austin and Derek met through fantasy leagues on the Sleeper platform and those initial interactions turned into a friendship and ultimately the 365 Fantasy Football podcast.

“Starting this podcast has been a dream of mine for many years. The homework has been done and I truly feel that we have the tools necessary to set ourselves apart from the other analysts and experts in the field to put our audience in the best possible position to compete for championships on a regular basis.”

Twitter: @AustinLee365FF


Ky is proudly married to his wife, Amanda, and brings a wealth of fantasy football knowledge to the 365 team. Starting a fantasy football podcast has been a dream for a long time and he’s excited to do everything he can to help win the listeners championships. 

We are extremely thrilled to have Ky part of the team and he will be a critical part to the 365 Fantasy Football’s success for many years to come. 

Twitter – @365billyff


Jacob “Bourgie” hails from the greater Boston area where he daylights as an Engineering Manager in the Biotech industry.  He got into Fantasy Football, Dynasty, and IDP in the early 2000’s but only recently began dipping his toes into writing and analysis through Derek and Austin.  Being new to the space, Jacob is always looking for opportunities to learn, develop, and collaborate.  

He’s also a husband and father to two future FFB All-Stars (so keep an eye out Generation Alpha), and leverages their early bed-time to write posts and articles, and record the occasional Pod with Derek and Austin.  

Twitter: @JacobBourgieFFB


Dijon is a journalism major out of Virginia Beach (like Derek).  The two have been lifelong friends and that’s how he got into writing content for 365.  His articles provide a literary flair rarely seen in an industry plagued with numbers and projections. 

Twitter: @Exhibit_Dee