Meet the Freshmen (2/4) – The Next Best of the Rest

By Jacob Bourgeois; Twitter: @FantasyBantasy Check out the last article for The Consensus top tier guys in the 2021 rookie class.  This article is the next best of the rest (still assuming non-SuperFlex PPR scoring).  My only note is that in single QB leagues with non-Tight End premium scoring, I heavily favor early production where … Read more

RB Draft Forecast

By Jacob Bourgeois; Twitter: @FantasyBantasy This is a “Will My Team Draft an Impact RB?” Likelihood Ranking. With the dust of free agency settling, it’s time to focus on the draft and get an edge before the last wave of player value spikes and dips. What follows is a list of each team in order … Read more

Thirsty Thursday

By: Drunk Guy Ky Welcome back, fantasy drunks! Hopefully you are still in the running for the championship. If so, let’s get the right players in that lineup so you can be shotgunning beers in celebratory fashion instead of drinking away your sorrows and failures knowing your season is over. Nobody wants to be the … Read more

The Blame Game

By: Dee I’m doing something a little different this week. Instead of giving a player the blame for a fantasy loss, I’m going to give to someone who has basically wrecked this player’s season. I’m looking at you, Bill O’Brien! Bill O’Brien was operating as both Head Coach and General Manager during his time with … Read more

Swerves Of The Week

By: D-Swerve Welcome back, fellow fantasy footballers! D-Swerve here and it’s week 14 of the fantasy season and most importantly, it’s week 1 of the fantasy playoffs in majority of leagues. Three weeks of the swerve report so far and we are a whopping six out of nine so far. This week with it being … Read more

Thirsty Thursday

By: Drunk Guy Ky Welcome back, fantasy drunks! What a week 13 we had. Hopefully you listened to the staff at 365 and made some money, got the win and enjoyed a few celebratory cold ones. With the playoffs starting this week, let’s get right into my shotguns of the week. QB: Aaron Rodgers – … Read more

The Blame Game

The Blame Game will be a weekly column devoted to picking one player who completely wrecked your Fantasy Football week. No one is safe. No one is off limits. I will, however, try to stay away from players who are pulled from games due to Covid-19. I do have some kind of heart. Some kind…I … Read more