Blame Game- Week 9

The Blame Game will be a weekly column devoted to picking one player who completelywrecked your Fantasy Football week. No one is safe. No one is off limits. I will, however, try tostay away from players who are pulled from games due to Covid-19. I do have some kind ofheart. Some kind…..of heart, I think. … Read more


Cheers, fellow fantasy drunks! Whether you had a bad week or a good week, you can always toast the players who got you the win or pour one out for those that cost you a much-needed victory. First, I’d like to pour some of this beer out for the managers who drafted Christian McCaffrey, Saquon … Read more


Brought to you by: D-Swerve      What’s up fellow fantasy football owners? Has anyone else noticed how fantasy football is a lot like driving? You’re either pedal to the metal going full speed or you’rr caught swerving certain guys that have become or have the potential to become a major bump in the road. On the … Read more

Hot Or Flop; Mid-Season Awards

The 365 guys break down who’s hot and who’s flopping and weigh in on whether those trends continue. The crew also goes through the mid-season awards for top performances and who the biggest surprise and letdowns are.