wk 2

Written By: Austin Lee Twitter: @AustinLee365FF

Whew! I was able to survive the Raheem Mostert and Brandon Aiyuk fiasco and managed to cash out and play with house money for week 2. I heard from a few of our listeners that were able to cash out, even if it was minimal. That love/hate relationship with the NFL and fantasy football is back in full force, baby! 49ers Head Coach, Kyle Shanahan, dealt us all a haymaker and I’m ready for more!

Let’s take a look a look at some of the prices that stick out early on for week 2. One of my absolute favorite “tips” for DFS players is to put pen to paper early in the week and write down players that jump out and then make adjustments as the week progresses, so let’s do that here and I’ll share mine with you each and every week.


Russell Wilson vs. Tennessee – $7,500

Kyler Murray absolutely torched the Titans in week 1 and tallied 5 total touchdowns. Russell has the same upside and arguably better weapons. This is going to be a very positive game script for the Seahawks in their home opener and I fully expect them to come out firing on all cylinders in front of their passionate fanbase.

Tom Brady vs. Atlanta – $6,900

Atlanta looked like the worst team in the NFL last week against the Eagles. Jalen Hurts lit them up over and over. This week, the Falcons have the unfortunate task of trying to slow down Tom Brady and arguably the best trio of wide receivers in the league. That’s just not going to happen and Tom has a clear path to hitting that 300+ yard bonus and multiple touchdowns.

Matthew Stafford @ Indianapolis – $6,400

It’s gonna be a long season for the Colts. This defense is just too inconsistent, especially in the secondary. They had no answer for the Seahawks and now they have to try and slow down the hot passing attack of the Rams. Stafford should be able to pick this defense apart and put up big numbers.

Running Backs

Nick Chubb vs. Houston – $7,800

Chubb is undoubtedly one of the best running backs in the league. He gashed the Chiefs for 5.53 yards per carry in week one and racked up a pair of touchdowns. This offensive line for the Browns is no joke and this game script has a bow on it for Nick Chubb. They should be able to lean heavily on him in this matchup to control the pace of play. It’s not crazy to think he puts up 100-yards and another pair of touchdowns.

Melvin Gordon @ Jacksonville – $5,900

Gordon had a terrific game in week one and has another positive matchup ahead of him for week two. The Texans running backs were able to tear Jacksonville apart and Gordon is head and shoulders above any of them on a talent level. He has a clear path to 4X this week.

Nyheim Hines vs. Los Angeles Rams – $4,700

Yeah, I’m going back to the well on this one. He had a decent game in week one, but if we learned anything about the most expensive offensive line in the NFL, it’s that they are nowhere near ready after the majority of them have missed lots of time throughout camp and preseason. They failed miserably in their attempt to keep Carson Wentz upright against the Seahawks. Aaron Donald and company come to town this week and will put tons of pressure on the offensive line. In order to counteract the amount of pressure coming for the defense, Wentz is going to need to get the ball out of his hands quickly by checking down. This is the perfect game script for Nyheim Hines and his pass-catching prowess.

Wide Receivers

Keenan Allen vs. Dallas – $7,000

We routinely saw Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown bullying the Cowboys secondary on TNF last week. This is a game that both offenses should be able to push each other and run the score up fairly quickly. It’s the Keenan Allen show in Los Angeles and he has a clear path to 3-4X against this porous secondary.

Chris Godwin vs. Atlanta – $6,600

To be honest, this feels like stealing. Godwin racked up 14 targets in week one and faces an even worse defense this week. This should be a huge boom game for the Penn State product. It’s not crazy to picture him being able to 5X against the Falcons.

Ja’Marr Chase @ Chicago – $5,000

Matthew Stafford and the Rams receivers gashed the Bears over and over again. We saw Kupp and Van Jefferson reel in 50+ yard touchdowns in the game. Ja’Marr Chase impressed in week 1 after an extremely suspect camp and preseason. He represents the teams best deep threat option in the passing game and should have no problem getting open.

Tight Ends

Rob Gronkowski vs. Atlanta – $4,700

My gut tells me I’m chasing points, but the matchup says a repeat performance could be in store. His $4,700 price tag is right in that middle tier of tight ends we historically want to avoid, but Tom Brady could throw for 4 touchdowns this week and Gronk is one of his favorite targets in the end zone. Gronk should score at least once and this price tag will allow you to pay up elsewhere.

Gerald Everett vs. Tennessee – $3,600

As mentioned on the show, the historical data shows you either want to pay all the way up or all the way down at the tight end position. If you’re paying all the way down, though, you need to target a guy with opportunity and a guy that has a quarterback that throws touchdowns at an above league-average rate. Everett checks those boxes. He hauled in a touchdown in week 1 and will have the opportunity to do so here. Great cheap play this week and could easily 4X while you spend your money at other skill positions.

Jack Doyle vs. Los Angeles Rams – $3,100

We have seen Carson Wentz heavily target his tight ends before and I highlighted earlier that this is a game script that Wentz should often be looking for his check down outlets. Doyle is a very capable receiving tight end and has a logical path to 5X in this matchup.


Looking at the slate this week, this is probably one of those weeks where it’s going to pay off to pay up.

Rams @ Indianapolis – $4,500

It’s a bit scary to think about paying that much for a defense, but we saw Wentz look terrible last season when under pressure. He played okay in week 1, but was under a ton of pressure all game long. Arguably the best defensive unit is coming to town this week and he’s going to be hit early and often. It’s logical that Wentz throws a couple interceptions and you can never rule out a fumble or two. If one of those turnovers goes back to the house, you’re set!

Pats @ New York Jets – $3,700

Again, a little pricey but Bill Belichick always shuts down rookie quarterbacks. Rookie QBs against this defense average less than 200 yards, less than 1 TD and 1 INT per game. For only $3,700 it’s a smash play for me.

Saints @ Carolina – $3,100

I’m probably not going to go cheaper than this for week 2. The Saints defense looked incredible in week 1 and now take on a worse quarterback in Sam Darnold. He might be “seeing ghosts” early on in this game.