Stan (Ja’Marr Chase)


By Dijon Coleman; Twitter: @Exhibit_Dee

Stan is a series of letters from 2021 rookies to their veteran comparisons. Though they are all satire, I’d like to think they are really in the rookies’ diaries.

Dear Kenny,

Man, I read somewhere they I reminded the writer of you. I honestly have no idea how they got that. I’m a winner, Kenny. You were stuck in Detroit so long, I don’t know if you remember how winning feels. I took an entire season off and I still think I can teach you some things. Now, you’re in New York. Man, you just don’t learn do you. Lol. Just watch what I do with Cincinnati. Me and Joe are about to tear this league apart. I’m just thankful Detroit didn’t get me. Well, you should probably be thankful. It’d be a shame to make them forget about you so quickly. One of these Sundays when you’ve already taken you’re beating for the week, turn the tv on and watch a real receiver play. Tell Daniel to watch a real QB too. Now, I gotta write a letter to the writer who clearly knows nothing about wide receivers. Compare me to you? Please.


Ja’Marr Chase, a better receiver than you.

Cover Photo Credit: London News Time