By Dijon Coleman; Twitter: @Exhibit_Dee

Stan is a series of letters from 2021 rookies to their veteran comparisons. Though they are all satire, I’d like to think they are really in the rookies’ diaries.

Dear Matt,

Let me start this out by saying I’m a big fan of your work. I’ve watched you put the Falcons on your back your whole career. I’ve seen all the big plays to Roddy, to Julio, to Tony, etc. You’re kind of a hero to me. So, it was no surprise that Dan Orlovsky compared me to you. If I end up having a career like yours, it will be amazing. Except for that whole blowing the Super Bowl thing. I play my best when championships are on the line. Plus, I’m going to be New England’s QB1 soon and you know what New England does. We win championships here. If you can get the Falcons to another Super Bowl, we might be able to have Falcons-Patriots part 2. Same result though. Maybe in a couple seasons you can come here and be my backup. That way, you can get a ring of your own. Well, that’s if Coach Belichick wants you here. He really wanted me here. I guess he wanted the guy with the weird suits and hats here too, for now, at least. I should be starting by November, so you’ll get to see what I do first hand. Make sure you bring your A-game, because I’ll definitely be bringing mine. Enjoy the rest of training camp.

Your biggest fan,

McCorkle “Mac” Jones

Cover Photo Credit: Hannah Saad-via The Crimson White