Stan (Justin Fields)


By Dijon Coleman; Twitter: @Exhibit_Dee

Stan is a series of letters from 2021 rookies to their veteran comparisons. Though they are all satire, I’d like to think they are really in the rookie’s diaries.

Dear Deshaun,

What’s up, big bro. It’s me, Justin. Listen man, I know you’re going through a lot right now, but I hope you have a little time to read my letter. For years, I’ve watched you play in the NFL and it’s been amazing. The way you escape from pressure and make all the great plays you do is uncanny. I like to think I model my game a little after your own. I mean, did you see me beat up on your beloved Tigers? Yeah, that was a good game. Lol. I just want to pick your brain a little bit. I tried to reach you through social media, but it just kept bringing up articles about, well, you know. Oh, and btw, you playing this year or nah? Nevermind. That’s not important right now. I’m kind of rambling. What I really wanted to know is, how is Houston? You know, in case we get traded for each other. Don’t answer that. I’m all in for Chicago. Wink wink. But, seriously, how do you make those plays? I’m thinking I may need to do a little improvising on the field this year too if teams blanket Arob and no one else can get open. I mean, you and I both know I’m starting Week 1 and I’ve heard the Rams defense can be tough. Well, if you get any free time, it’d be great to chop it up with you. Thanks bro.

Your biggest fan,


P.S. But seriously, what are you doing this year? I’m trying to figure out my Fantasy team plans… Actually, you know what, I’ll just draft Dak or somebody. Maybe I should write him too.

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