By Dijon Coleman; Twitter: @Exhibit_Dee

Stan is a series of letters from 2021 rookies to their veteran comparisons. Though they are all satire, I’d like to think they are really in the rookies’ diaries.

Dear Baker,

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I’ve seen articles that compared us. One said I was “a more creative you.” I thought that was a mean thing to say. Not that I didn’t think it was true, just mean. Honestly, I don’t think we’re similar at all. You, with your showboating and dancing. Me, with my church and morals. We’re polar opposites. I think I was brought to New York to save people like you, and darnit, I’m gonna do just that. I’m gonna save this franchise from ever having to draft someone like you. I do enjoy your commercials. The one where you’re in a book club is a favorite. Maybe I’ll send you a copy of my favorite book, the Book of Mormon. It’s a fantastic read. Reading is fundamental, Baker. I hope you have a great season so we can meet in the playoffs. Yes, I’m taking the Jets to the playoffs in my rookie season. Something you couldn’t do with the Browns. Maybe then, I’ll slip you and copy of that book. After giving you a firm handshake, of course. Well, I gotta go. There’s a group of rowdy Jets fans I intend to convert.

Your biggest fan, I guess,

Zach Wilson

Photo credit: (Kathy Willens/AP; New York Daily News)