Josh Palmer vs. Dez Fitzpatrick

palmer v dez

By Jacob Bourgeois; Twitter: @JacobBourgieFFB

You’re at the third/fourth round turn in your dynasty league rookie draft and you want to take a shot at an upside WR.  Both Josh Palmer and Dez Fitzpatrick are in your queue staring back at you …. What do you do?  Here’s a quick category battle to help you decide (my conclusion at the end).

Draft Capital

Josh Palmer (3rd round, 77th pick – 11th WR taken)

Dez Fitzpatrick (4th round, 109th pick; – 16th WR taken – TEN Traded Up)

Advantage: JOSH

Depth Chart

Keenan Allen – the chain mover; older

Austin Ekeler – another chain mover and weapon out of the backfield; somewhat fragile

Mike Williams – big target who plays with a nice depth of target / YPR; potentially moving on next year

Josh Palmer – profiles as Mike William’s back-up / replacement / heir

Tyron Johnson – definite field stretcher, 100% true catch rate – shined when filling in for injuries

Jared Cook – big target, seem routes medium depth; older

AJ Brown – YAC attacker does it all receiver

Josh Reynolds – JAG w/ nice height and agility

Dez Fitzpatrick – profiles as a possession receiver

Anthony Firkser – opportunity to gain target share, good rapport with Tannehill

Advantage: DEZ

QB / Offense / Outlook Situation

Josh Palmer – Justin Herbert is the future and Josh Palmer should reap the benefits; they’re a passing team with Mike Williams coming to the end of his deal.  Josh has been dubbed the MW replacement.  It’s noted that Keenan Allen is on the back-nine as well.

Dez Fitzpatrick – Ryan Tannehill is better than we all thought/(think?); they’re a run heavy offense, that hopes to win slow with Defense and big plays through the air. 

Advantage: JOSH

Age / Year / Break-out Age / Target Share

Josh Palmer – 21 / Senior / 21 BOA (Senior) / 9.4%, 15.5%, 13.9%, 22.8% / 52% catch rate

Dez Fitzpatrick – 23 / Senior / 19 BOA (Freshman) / 16.6%, 14.2%, 21.6%, 22.9% / 57% catch rate

Advantage: DEZ

Pro Day

Josh Palmer – 6’1”, 210 Lbs., 4.52s 40, 34” Vertical, 10’4” Broad, 4.24s Shuttle, 6.98 3-Cone Drill

Dez Fitzpatrick – 6’2”, 208 Lbs., 4.49s 40, 35” Vertical, (No broad jump), 4.25s Shuttle, 7.06s 3-Cone Drill

Advantage: EVEN

My Eyes

Josh Palmer – makes some nice contested catches but struggles to separate (although he played against tough competition)

Dez Fitzpatrick – nice tracking, nice routes, decent blocker, nice releases, gets open, underwhelming juice.

Advantage: EVEN


If you’re in it for the long-haul Josh Palmer may be the play with his higher draft capital and being on Herbert led pass-first offense.  If you want to see your guy hit the field right away and have a chance to make his case early it’s Dez Fitzpatrick for me.  Because I can never seem to hold on to late bloomers due to my waiver wire activity, I favor Dez.