By Jacob Bourgeois; Twitter: @JacobBourgieFFB

This is a “Will My Team Draft an Impact RB?” Likelihood Ranking.

With the dust of free agency settling, it’s time to focus on the draft and get an edge before the last wave of player value spikes and dips. What follows is a list of each team in order of their likelihood to draft an impact running back in this year’s draft.

First – an impact running back is a running back likely to ascend to the ranks of RB1 or RB2 by year 2. Which when it happens usually means have eaten a lion’s share of work or looked good in bursts their rookie season. As it happens you can predict which running backs will find their way onto the impact players list. Using the consensus dynasty RB ranks on it shows that only 1 of the top 16 RBs was drafted after pick 67 (Aaron Jones selected at the end of the 5th by GBP). Further, only four of the top 24 RBs weren’t taken in the top 86 (Jones, James Robinson UDFA, Chris Carson 7.31, and Austin Ekeler (UDFA)). There are no guarantees, and no data without exceptions, but large in part, if you’re an NFL GM and looking to make a difference in your RB room you’d better be selecting that difference maker no later than the early third.

Second – not all teams need or want to bolster their RB room; and of the teams that do need help, not all have the draft capital and luxury of spending that middle round pick on a top-end RB.

The ranking system accounts for each team’s 2020 rushing yardage totals, their depth chart and my fantasy relevant assessment of whether the team needs a RB, then I used team needs (from the amazing work provided by leveraging where RB fell among each team’s four needs categories, and finally I tallied day 1 and day 2 picks to see how many shots on goal they would get.

(Generally, I’ve seen the following names being mocked into the first three rounds: Travis Etienne, Najee Harris, Javonte Williams, Michael Carter, Kenneth Gainwell (how tall is he? (~5’11”)), Rhamondre Stevenson, and Trey Sermon… some may fall deeper, and others may get pulled up and either way it’s less about the names and more about the pick zone (especially from the late first to early third) as far as this analysis is concerned).

To the data! From least likely to most (Read: XX% likely to draft a difference making RB).

  1. Indianapolis Colts — 26% (… you’ll note that the floor was set at 25%, which allows for the whimsy of general managers who often seem less competent than you and I to better their team.)

They have what they need in Jonathan Taylor, Hines, Wilkins, and the return of the Mack and only two picks in the first four rounds (21, 54).

  1. Baltimore Ravens — 26%

Last year’s pick 2.23 in Dobbins and the Gus-bus backing him up. They have plenty of leg coming off a league leading 2020 rushing season (by a lot). Only two picks in the top 100 (27, 58).

  1. LA Rams – 27%

Both Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson excelled in McVay’s offense – Akers came on late and made the most of his snaps at the end of the season and in the playoffs. They have only two picks in the top 100 (57, 89 + comps).

  1. Minnesota Vikings – 27%

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” – The clock from Beauty and the Beast. And Dalvin Cook has held up nicely since his injury shortened rookie and sophomore seasons. A great rushing team that just gave Cook a 4 year contract shouldn’t be looking to add a difference maker at RB (yet). They have picks 14, 78, 90 in the first three rounds.

  1. Tennessee Titans – 27%

We’re all riding the Derrick Henry train and he’s big enough to carry us. Darrynton Evans showed little and got injured, but is available to mix in with the rest of the back-ups as needed. Should look to sure up the defense (DB, DB, LB, DL) and add a WR with picks 22, 53, 85.

  1. Cleveland Browns – 27%

The dynamic duo, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, are making the most of the Stefanski offense. The only thing to add to this backfield is depth, or insurance. They have four picks in the danger zone: 26, 59, 89, 91.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – 28%

Although CEH didn’t get it done as a fantasy superstar he managed a pretty productive rookie campaign, all while not seeing much attention in the passing game. They have picks 31, 63, and 94 so anything could happen but after spending up last year, it’s hard to see it happening again this year, still – a little depth wouldn’t hurt.

  1. Green Bay Packers – 28%

The resigning of Aaron Jones to a four-year deal and drafting AJ Dillon last year in the second should close the book on them doing much RB stuff this year. Picks 31, 63, 94 should all go to developmental QB prospects.

  1. New Orleans Saints – 28%

Alvin Kamara resigned, Latavius Murray coming off his best year, and Taysom Hill projected to make more significant contributions(?). There’s a chance to add depth but I suspect the passing game to get more attention with their thin WR core at picks 28, 60, 98.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals – 30%

They struggled to get by on the ground in 2020 with Mixon injured, he’ll be back this season, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted more behind him than Perine and Gio. That said, with picks 5, 38, 70, I think they should draft three O-linemen and/or receiving weapons, but nobody asked my opinion.

  1. Seattle Seahawks – 30% (and don’t worry, they’re in order, I’m saving you the decimal places, it gets more exciting as we move along)

They just resigned Chris Carson completely changing their draft picture, or did it… the truth is, they had to sign a veteran free agent to help out Mr. Injury and DeeJay Dallas (it just happened to have been Carson) because they only have 4 total picks in the draft – four (4)! And only one in the top 100 (pick 56). It would have to be a special runner for them to put their only day 1 or 2 pick on a RB.

  1. Detroit Lions – 30%

You just don’t spend high draft capital on Running backs two years in a row, right? They have Swift (2020 2.03), Kerryon, and Jamaal Williams from GB via free agency. I think they see an uptick in efficiency assuming they can get something going through the air to loosen up the 8-man fronts. Picks 7, 41, 72, and 88 for the new regime to play with – it sounds like they’ll be drafting anyone with a UFC background; positions be damned.

  1. SF 49ers – 30%

I know what you’re thinking, “but they don’t have a running back”. And you’d be right (outside of Mostert and Wilson), but they only have picks 12 and 43 in the top 100, which means the stars would really have to align for them to get their guy at 43. <>

  1. Arizona Cardinals – 31%

Kenyan Drake RB1 experiment seems to have ended, Chase Edmonds shined like a career back-up, and Eno Benjamin is apparently still on the team by all accounts. This is the Kyler Murray show, who launched the cardinals into a top 10 rushing offense by himself, still they need a lot of help. Unfortunately, they traded their 3rd round pick for center Rodney Hudson leaving them with picks 16 and 49, either of which could go to a RB.

  1. Dallas Cowboys – 32%

Tony Pollard and Zeke; They have it all on offense, and just about nothing on defense – that better be the focus or Jerry Jones may have to put himself on the chopping block. I wouldn’t be mad at some O-line help here either with picks 10, 44, 75, 99.

  1. New England Patriots – 32%

Whether it was Damien Harris, Sony Michel, J.J. Taylor, Rex Burkhead, James White, or Cam Newton, they moved the ball well on the ground behind a top rated o-line. While the efficiency was up – it wasn’t helped by many long runs; adding that juice could be a target for the team. Look for JJ Taylor to take some of the pass-catching snaps vacated by Rex and White. Picks at 15, 47, and 96 for whatever random former lacrosse players Bill has high on his anti-consensus board.

  1. Las Vegas Raiders – 34%

Does anyone think that what Gruden and Mayock are doing is going to be successful? No wonder he got a 10 year fully guaranteed contract, he must have sold them that’s how long the rebuild would take. Josh Jacob’s was mostly below average, and they’ve added Drake to… who knows. Plenty to work with at 17, 48, 79, and 80, but there’s a ton wrong with this team.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles – 34%

Miles Sanders (pick 2.21 from two years ago), may be the best RB from that class, averaging 5.3 YPC on a terrible team. Which because of injuries and team woes he’s still pretty attainable in dynasty for a workhorse running back, and holds more upside then say an Antonio Gibson in my book. Boston Scott is a little guy like me and making it work in the Sproles role. They’ll try to rebuild the defense, O-line, and receiving corp before they spend on RB (as far as I can tell) with picks 6, 37, 70, 84.

  1. Carolina Panthers – 34%

With Mike Davis (and Curtis Samuel) out of town they’ll need to round out the CMC 400 touch backfield… you know, just in case. Picks 8, 39, and 73 are in play.

  1. NY Giants – 34%

Missing their 1.02 drafted RB definitely impacts the look and feel and success of the newly managed and sophomore led offense. If any team can mount a comeback it’s Dallas…, and maybe if you squint your eyes and zoom out far enough so can the G-men. To be fair – they had a tough strength of schedule last year, but I just don’t trust the coaching staff to pull it together. Picks 11, 42, 76 at their disposal (and disposal being the likely outcome).

  1. Denver Broncos – 39%

What’s not to love about Melvin Gordon’s second life. He was quietly above average even while splitting carries with Philip Lindsey (now released) averaging 4.7 YPC and adding 28 receptions on the season. Not a bad start for his first year in what was otherwise a terrible offense. With picks 9, 40, 71 in the holster we’re getting closer to that 50/50 mark regarding drafting an impact RB – it makes sense given his age and the crickets behind him.

  1. Houston Texans – 44%

The RB core we all want for our fantasy football teams: Philip Lindsay, David Johnson, and Mark Ingram. Houston remains a step ahead of most on the insanity metric. They currently only have pick 67 and DeShaun Watson, so would have to turn that into something more if they’re going to be adding a RB. I actually think the team is so bad they should get by with what they have and add a RB through the draft when there are more pieces put together. I should have bumped this number down.

  1. Chicago Bears – 44%

David Montgomery-contact balance-late season surge-fantasy championships… bingo. With he and Tarik Cohen this team still needs an alpha-dog, sorry-not-sorry. Picks 20, 52, and 83.

  1. Washington Football Team – 44% (Can’t wait until they pick a team name *Redtails)

Pre-Season twitter led by Fantasy Footballers Mike Wright, called for the break-out, and the early adopters and patient believers got paid off – first in the early news of Guice’s legal woes, and then by his mid-season role expansion. As a defensive led unit – they’re relying on a work-horse philosophy on offense (Gibson famously referred to as a CMC type by coach Rivera) paired with a game manager type at QB. But buyer’s be warned – they’ve got picks and could easily turn 19, 45, 74, 82 into something that hurts Gibson’s value.

  1. LA Chargers – 46%

Austin Ekeler, one of the RB1/2 draft capital exceptions is a smaller but explosive RB with high upside and high injury risk. The Chargers still need a smash to Ekeler’s lightening despite drafting Kelley last year. With picks 13, 47, 77, 97, I like their chances of making a splash. Maybe a sell high moment on Ekeler? I think he’ll be fine given he’s got the passing down work and it hopes to be a passing led offense with Herbert.

  1. Buffalo Bills – 46%

The 4.655 40-time crew! Zack Moss (4.65) and Devin Singletary (4.66) are what we like to call in the business as placeholders. The real RB solution will soon be coming. Will they turn to a difference maker at 30, 61, and/or 93?

  1. TB Buccaneers – 63%

The Draft Network is pushing this percentage up, listing RB as one of the teams primary needs. That’s not a knock on Ronald Jones however, it’s a compliment to the relative completeness of the squad. They’ll go CB first, but RB is in play after that – picks 32, 64, and 95. Remember what the chiefs did after they won the Superbowl?

  1. Atlanta Falcons – 63%

2020 offseason Free Agent signing, Todd Gurley started the season looking vintage, but the shine wore off as the season wore on, and the team sputtered. Brian Hill, not Gurley, was the beneficiary of the defense returning to form at the end of the season, and he made good on what has been a markedly efficient career as a back-up. With only picks 4, 35, and 68 there’s limited opportunity for them to fix their team needs: QB, CB, RB – who says no?

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars – 63%

UDFA rookie rushing record holder, James Robinson worked his way into our hearts and all of my rosters, so the Jaguars being in the top 5 on this list doesn’t make me that happy. But they’ve got a lot of picks in range to add a running mate: 1 (Lawrence), 25, 33, 46, and 65 on day one and two.

  1. Pittsburg Steelers – 75%

Defense and rushing is the model, and Big Ben is hanging onto his last useful years by a thread, so this team knows it’s in win now and they know they need a difference maker. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took the first RB off the board. Any of pick 24, 55, and 87 could be their day one starter.

  1. New York Jets – 81%

This number might as well be infinite with Selah and the OC coming in from SF and what they have to work with. The only thing keeping the needle from being pinned is the state of the rest of the roster. Zach Wilson seems to be pick number 2, but that leaves 23, 34, 66, and 86 to find an answer or two in the backfield.

  1. Miami Dolphins – 81%

Like James Robinson, I’ve got a lot of Myles Gaskin shares so this too hurts me more than it hurts you. But the truth is, he was injured and was drafted to be a back-up, Salvon Ahmed was also efficient but came in as an UDFA so no investment there either. They have picks: 8, 18, 36, 50, 73, and 81, making a RB at one of those spots an all but lock. (Where did they get all those picks!!!).

That’s it. I hope this was informative and helps you dominate your league – it was my first ever fantasy football article and a blast to research and write. Comments/feedback/correction all welcomed and appreciated!

Team2020 Narrative2020 Rushing Offense RankRkDepth ChartRB NeedinessRkTDN Draft Needs (source: Draft Picks (source: a RB Score
MIA DolphinsWhen healthy Myles Gaskin looked real. He quickly made Brieda and Howard irrelevant who were eventually let go, paving way for Salvon Ahmad 2020 UDFA to step up and actually show out pretty well when Gaskin wasn’t available.223Myles Gaskin, Salvon AhmedMedium Need3Primary48, 18, 36, 50, 73, 81, 113, 123, 230481.25%
NY JetsCould Lev Bell return to form despite Adam Gase? He bulked up, he was putting in the work. But never got it going. Instead Frank Gore, the infinite, was featured when the other options dried up and Bell was cut. La’Mical Perine and Ty Johnson looked servicable and should be back to hold the ball for whoever the starter will be. This is a huge team need, and the SF coaching staff will need some horses in the stable to implement anything resembling a Shanehan offense.233Ty Johnson, LaMical PerineHuge Need4Secondary32, 23, 34, 66, 86, 107, 146, 154, 185, 249481.25%
PIT SteelersJames Conner (now an UFA) could not get it going on the ground or through the air in 2020. It always seemed like he was recovery or hitting things at 80%. Benny Snell was the primary back-up but didn’t accomplish much in YPC. Anthony Macfarland on the other hand, last years 124th pick caught some preseason hype but bairly saw the field.324Benny Snell, Anthony McFaresonHuge Need4Primary424, 55, 87, 128, 140, 214, 244, 253275.00%
JAX JaguarsFournette out, UDFA James Robinson in. There was a week late in the preseason, when each Jax RB was picked up in mad scramble off waivers, and James RB1son was the final pick-up. For the one’s who did, or snagged him in the 10th plus round of their early SEP start-ups, it paid off. He was a true grinder and showed everything you want to see in a workhorse. It’s always noteworthy when someone produces / breaks out in a bad situation; Aaron Jones and Davante Adams did it when Rodgers went down. Chris Carson was the only YPC getter on the Seahawks his rookie year. And James Robinson, showed why he kept all the touches all season. Say what you will about Ryquell Armstead, they’d like some insurance and role-spelling for Robinson to provide a little insurance and honest defensive play-calling for their 1.01.294James Robinson, Carlos HydeDepth2Secondary31, 25, 33, 46, 65, 106, 130, 145, 170, 227, 248462.50%
ATL Falcons2020 offseason Free Agent signing, Todd Gurley started the season looking vintage, but the shine wore off as the season wore on, and the team sputtered. Brian Hill, not Gurley, was the beneficiary of the defense returning to form at the end of the season, and he made good on what has been a markedly efficient career as a back-up.274Todd Gurley, Brian HillHuge Need4Secondary34, 35, 68, 108, 148, 179, 182, 186, 217262.50%
TB BuccaneersDrafted Vaughn in 3rd rd. – minimally used or productive vs. Ronald Jones selected early 2nd, and was very productive when on the field. They signed Leondard Fournett who was good in the playoffs.284Ronald Jones, KeShaun VaughnMedium Need3Primary432, 64, 95, 137, 176, 215, 250, 257262.50%
LA ChargersWhat would post-Melvin Gordon look like? That was the question heading into last season, and it was answered sort of, with literally “anyone that could spell Austin Ekeler” and Austin Ekeler. Josh Kelley, a 2020 4th, did not look like the answer, and was even shown up by Miami discard Kalen Ballage. They’re still looking for a way to take pressure off of Herbert.183Austin Ekeler, Josh Kelley, Kalen BallageMedium Need3Ancillary213, 47, 77, 97. 118, 159, 197, 203, 239346.09%
BUF BillsThe big & mobile QB dilemma plagues Singletary and Moss alike. They both got buy and were serviceable, but neither gave the offense something it didn’t have with Frank Gore the year before. They need both a banger and a home run threat – but in two years neither appears to be their “style”.203Devin Singletary, Zack MossMedium Need3Secondary330, 61, 93, 161, 174, 211, 234246.09%
WAS Football TeamPre-Season twitter led by Fantasy Footballers Mike Wright, called for the break-out, and the early adopters and patient ones got paid off – first in the early news of Guice’s legal woes, and then by his mid-season role expansion. As a defensive led unit – they’re relying on a work-horse philosophy on offense (Gibson famously referred to as a CMC type by coach Rivera) paired with a game manager type at QB.264Antonio Gibson, JD McKissicDepth2Ancillary219, 51, 74, 82, 124, 163, 243, 245343.75%
CHI BearsHow can you complain about David Montgomery? Knocked for lacking break-away speed, he put his balance, hands, and vision to work to great effect, and gave that offense as much of a chance as he could fielding a lot of work. But still, even with Tarik Cohen coming back, the backfield seems like it’s a piece away.254David Montgomery, Tarik CohenMedium Need3Ancillary220, 52, 83, 164, 202, 219, 226243.75%
HOU TexansKept it going with the DJ’s in 2020 – David Johnson was a volume dependent modestly effective RB for Houston and for your fantasy team especially as the season rolled out and others fell by the way side to attrition. That said, this team will not move the ball in 2021 and there will be nothing to salvage between Ingram and Johnson for fantasy. Like Dobbins, if they spend up for RB in this draft, we’re likely to add with payoff hopes in 2022.314David Johnson, Mark IngramHuge Need4Secondary367, 109, 122, 147, 187, 200, 210, 229143.75%
DEN BroncosWhat’s not to love about Melvin Gordon’s second life. He was quietly above average even while splitting carries with Philip Lindsey (now released) averaging 4.7 YPC and add 28 receptions on the season. Not a bad start for his first year in what was otherwise a terrible offense.132Melvin GordonMedium Need3Secondary39, 40, 71, 114, 152, 190, 235, 237, 252239.06%
PHI EaglesConsidering the shambles in the passing game, and a 4 win season, they managed to finish in the top 10 in rushing, with Miles Sanders accounting for 53% of snaps at 5.3 YPC despite missing 3 games. Boston Scott was a servicable backup. They also led the league in fumbles (15), but 12 of the 15 fumbles came from QBs – 3 from Wentz and 9!!!! from Jalen Hurts who started only 4 games. Hurts’ 354 rushing yards bolstered the teams bottem line (while crushing them to league leading in fumbles) and is a predictor of things to come.92Mile Sanders, Boston ScottDepth2Ancillary26, 37, 70, 84, 150, 156, 188, 223, 224, 233, 239334.38%
LV Raiders#Free Josh Jacob’s hands. Someone have Jon Gruden call Nick Saban to ask him about Jacobs’ catching ability. It exists. Having a primary ball-carrier catch passes opens up offensive play calling. It’s a thing. Never was there a story of more game script dependence, than this of Josh Jacobs and his enept coach.142Josh Jacobs, Kenyan DrakeDepth2Ancillary217, 48, 79, 80, 121, 162334.38%
NY GiantsWith Saquon going down early, they signed Devonta Freeman, but eventually the dust settled and Wayne Gallman closed out the season for them in great form. He’s looking like a bonefied handcuff for Saquon in 2021.192.5Saquon Barkley, Wayne GallmanDepth2Ancillary211, 42, 76, 116, 195, 199232.81%
CAR PanthersCMC was either elite, injured, or being held back to preserve him for 2021 in a lost season. Mike Davis filled in admirable for the most part, but got exposed as the season wore on – he’s hit the open market as a free agent this offseason.212.5Christian McCaffreyDepth2Ancillary28, 39, 73, 113, 151, 192, 224232.81%
DAL Cowboys#FreeTonyPollard isn’t looking good for 2021. Ezekiel Elliot isn’t going anywhere and with Dak at the helm was returning on the 20+ touch investment the team was making. Tony Pollard looked great in spots and is the number one back-up off the board this offseason for a reason. Of all their problems to solve, RB isn’t one of them.173Ezekiel Elliot, Tony PollardDepth2Not Needed110, 44, 75, 99, 115, 138, 178, 191332.03%
NE PatriotsThey were a top 3 rushing offense in 2020 on the legs of Cam, Damien Harris, and former 1st Sony Michel when Harris went down. In the post-Brady era, it looks like wins will be predicated on rushing and defense. Could bolster the strength with depth, or stengthen a strength by bringing in a lead back.41Damien Harris, Sony MichelMedium Need3Secondary315, 47, 96, 121, 139, 159, 195, 197, 243232.03%
ARI CardinalsThe cardinals were very meh on the ground in 2020 – especially if you subtract out Kyler Murray’s scampering. The offense doesn’t seem to be predicated on a solid ground game, and the narrative for Drake and Edmonds is the versitility in their role to open up things for the wide-outs. Two years in, the KK experience is serving up mixed results. Drake off to Vegas – it’ll be Edmonds + something.71Chase Edmonds, Eno BenjaminHuge Need4Primary416, 49, 79 (Hudson), 160, 242131.25%
DET LionsDrafted Swift in early 2nd and look to be giving him the reigns; team was ok running the football, game script kept them passing304DeAndre Swift, Kerryon Johnson, Jamaal WilliamsNot Needed1Not Needed17, 41, 72, 88, 112, 153329.69%
SEA SeahawksWith Chris Carson being resigned as I’m writing this, they’ve brought back the core that gives them the above average, not elite attack limited only by not having offensive linemen, injuries, and lack of depth.122Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, DeeJay DallasDepth2Secondary356, 129, 167, 206129.69%
SF 49ersIt felt like we were playing dealers choice and the outcomes were not much more predictable than poker. They managed (as it seems they always do) to get by with a hodge podge of Mostert, McKinnon, Hasty, Wilson, and Coleman but must be feeling the need for something to give their ground game some consistency.152Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson Jr.Medium Need3Ancillary212, 43, 102, 117, 155, 172, 180, 193, 238129.69%
CIN BengalsJoe Mixon gets the work when he’s available but has a history of season enders. Gio is serviceable and they brought back Perine.242.5Joe Mixon, Giovanni Bernard, S. PerineDepth2Not Needed15, 38, 70, 111, 149, 189, 231, 233228.91%
NO SaintsThe ground game kept form again in 2020, and again despite Brees injuries, Latavius Murray just turned 31, but coming off his career high in YPC (4.49) and locked up for two more years is likely to keep his role as a breather back for Kamara <insert joke about Taysom Hill>.61Alvin Kamara, Latavius MurrayDepth2Ancillary228, 60, 98, 105, 133, 216228.13%
GB PackersCould do it all in 2020 except vs. the Bucs. Jamaal Williams is gone via free agency and Aaron Jones just resigned, as the fantasy pundits said in the 2020 off-season, AJ Dillon was the Jamaal Williams transition plan, not Aaron Jones. How quickly we forget.81Aaron Jones, AJ DillonDepth2Ancillary229, 62, 92, 135, 142, 173, 177, 212, 218, 254228.13%
KC ChiefsCEH underwhelmed after being christened as fantasies next new top 5 pick. Damien Williams opted back in in 2021 but was subsequently released. They’ll need depth behind he and Darrell Williams.162Clyde Edwards Hilaire, Darrell WilliamsDepth2Not Needed131, 63, 94, 136, 144, 175, 181, 205228.13%
CLE BrownsThe dynamic duo Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt making the most of the Stefanski offense. Little needed to add to this combo, who are tops in the league in my book when healthy.31Nick Chubb, Kareem HuntDepth2Not Needed126, 59, 89, 91, 110, 132, 169, 209, 255327.34%
TEN TitansThey’re riding the Henry train and so should you. He’s hitting the workhorse thresholds like only he is built to do. Looking at the typical RB cliffs after high touch seasons (CMC, Saquon, etc..) shouldn’t be relied on for Derrick, who poses more risk to LBs and Safeties, then they do to him.21Derrick Henry, Darrynton EvansDepth2Not Needed122, 53, 85, 100, 126, 166, 184, 213, 256226.56%
MIN VikingsDalvin in a second majority healthy season took advantage of the Jefferson top off the defense effect and did everything for this offense. Mattison dissapointed as a replacement, but will keep back-up duties. This may be a sneaky team to see an unexpected AJ Dillon like move.51Dalvin Cook, Alexander MattisonDepth2Not Needed114, 78, 90, 119, 125, 134, 143, 157, 168, 198, 221, 240226.56%
LA RamsUp and down offensive production, but when healthy Henderson and Akers were productive (Akers especially to close out the year).102Cam Akers, Darrell HendersonDepth2Not Needed157, 89, Comp, Comp, 121, Comp, 189, 217126.56%
BAL RavensLed the league in rushing offense in 2020 by a wide margin and I expect the good times to continue in 2021 with Dobbins taking on a larger role (roll!) – this is definitely a case where they’d be reinforcing a strength vs filling a gap. They’d have to really like someone at 58 to add to what they already have.11JK Dobbins, Gus EdwardsDepth2Not Needed127, 58, 104,131, 171, 183, 208125.78%
IND ColtsA tale of two halves, Jonathan Taylor looked like a bonified can’t find a window, can’t hit the hole bust all the way up until I traded him, and it all finally came together (you’re welcome). Now living up the last off-season hype, looks like a cornerstone player for any fantasy roster selected in the CMC, Saquon tier. Behind him are pass-catcher Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins both for one more year.112Jonathan Taylor, Marlon Mack, Nyheim HinesNot Needed1Not Needed121, 54, 127, 165, 204, 247125.78%