By: Drunk Guy Ky

Welcome back, fantasy drunks! What a week 13 we had. Hopefully you listened to the staff at 365 and made some money, got the win and enjoyed a few celebratory cold ones. With the playoffs starting this week, let’s get right into my shotguns of the week.

QB: Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers might be a scotch guy, but this week he’s my guy no matter what drink he prefers. His matchup with the Lions this week is just too easy. As of right now, he’s been dealing no matter what defense he’s facing.

RB: Myles Gaskin – Gaskin being back just in time for the fantasy playoffs is a league winner. The amount of touches he’s getting out of the backfield should translate into lots of yardage and pay dirt. Gaskin will be getting toasted at more than a few bars this Sunday.

WR: Justin Jefferson – Jefferson is the Rookie Of The Year, in my opinion. This kid is the real deal. Being on the opposite side of Adam Thielen definitely helps Jefferson take on the weaker of the opposing defensive backs. With this week’s matchup against Tampa Bay and the over/under set at 47.5 points, the Vikings are going to need to score points to keep up and who better to do that with than the rookie of the year? Let’s get hammered with Justin Jefferson this week.

TE: Mark Andrews – With Andrews being activated from the COVID-19 list, I see Andrews getting involved early and often. Matching up against a division rival in the Browns, this is going to be a high scoring game with multiple opportunities for Andrews to get in the end zone. The Browns are 31st in the league at defending the TE position, so Andrews may very well get drunk off of opportunities this week.

The Hangover: Just like there being a few kinds of alcohol that will punch your left ticket and leave you hurling into the porcelain throne, these players are going to have you regretting your poor decisions, so do the right thing and put that shot down.

QB: Jalen Hurts – I know there’s a lot of hype right now about not having any NFL film on him, but I’m sure that it wasn’t just Wentz being to blame for the poor play this season. The offensive line is banged up, but Hurts’ upside is his running ability. To throw him out there the 1st week of the playoffs is a move you might not want to get yourself into.

RB: Jonathan Taylor – Taylor is a player I just can’t trust in a backfield where the running back by committee is in full effect. Taylor had his best outing last week, but I don’t see that being every game, especially with Hines in the fold. Put that shot down.

WR: Keke Coutee – Even with a monster game last week, I see the Bears taking him out of the game script early. he’s a very risky play for the playoffs. Don’t drink the jungle juice your buddy made last week and swears it’s still good.

TE: Logan Thomas – Same song and dance I said about Keke. Huge game last week, but going up against a 49ers defense that has locked down TEs, I look for the 49ers to shut him down and force Alex Smith to come up with some other way to beat them.

There it is, drunks – your Thirsty Thursday takes for week 14. I’ve got more beer to drink and you’ve got lineups to set. Good luck in the first week of the playoffs. Cheers!