The Blame Game will be a weekly column devoted to picking one player who completely wrecked your Fantasy Football week. No one is safe. No one is off limits. I will, however, try to stay away from players who are pulled from games due to Covid-19. I do have some kind of heart. Some kind…I think.

I spent the early part of my Sunday afternoon watching the Browns-Titans game. You know what I saw? I saw Derrick Henry being worse than horrible. He ran for a measly 17 yards in the first half on his way to a total of 60 yards for the day. The reigning rushing champ and current rushing leader ran for 60 yards in an entire football game. Oh, and I forgot to add that he fumbled once too. Yeah, it was that kind of afternoon for Derrick Henry. His 4.9 fantasy points probably buried anyone who started him this week. And, with the playoffs starting this week, this probably wasn’t what many of his owners needed. He sunk his team and he probably sunk your fantasy team this week as well. Shoutout to Derrick Henry for getting less yards than Taysom Hill.