D-Swerve’s Swerves Of The Week

By: David Turpin

Hello again, fellow fantasy footballers It’s D-swerve here with the weekly swerve report for week 13. After a hot start in week one of the article, week 2 had the car almost losing control in the middle of the road. I would however like to give a special shout out to Jared Cook for helping us regain control, and getting the car heading back in the right direction. One for three last week, but this week I promise a much smoother ride.

  Cam Newton is up first on this week’s swerve list. After having a career-reviving start to the year, Cam has completely cooled off. His play dropped off to the point of actually being benched once this year. After last weeks unforgettably bad performance he can no longer be trusted. Eleven turnovers on the year already for Cam. In his last three games Cam has only rushed for one touchdown, and has been held under fifty yards rushing as well. He also has only thrown two passing touchdowns in those same three games. Cam’s passing woes have been well documented over the years and continue to plague him this season as well. He has managed to throw for under one hundred yards twice this year. The Patriots also have to travel across country this week to take on the Chargers. A coast to coast trip that usually doesn’t hold well for the traveling team. With the Pats offense struggling as is and the cross country trip this week swerve Newton so you’re not caught sleeping at the wheel.

   My second swerve of the week is Jamison Crowder. Crowder started the year with some amazing volume before being injured. Since returning from injury Crowder hasn’t had over four receptions, over thirty five yards, and in this span has only one touchdown. Subpar quarterback play for the Jets this year has also been a huge problem. The play has been so bad it cancels out any positive matchup for the offense. Including this week against a very vulnerable Oakland secondary. Crowder had a mere five targets last week which seems odds considering before sitting out to rest his injuries he had four straight games of six receptions or more. That’s the amazing volume we were referring to, and Crowder needs that volume to be a top tier wide receiver like to start the year. Crowder is a small guy so he’s not much of a red one target. Which means he doesn’t score a lot. He has only three touchdowns in eight games this year. So he really needs the volume. With that being said the volume is trending in the wrong direction, and the completely unstable QB play makes Crowder hard to trust. I advise swerving Crowder this week or your matchup could go South and leave you needing maintenance.

  My last swerve this week is none other than Brandin Cooks. I know with everything going on this is a shocker, but hear me out. The first reason Cooks lands in the list is simply the matchup. Indianapolis will be looking to get right after last week and they are already a stellar defense. Second reason although I am willing to admit depending on how Cooks handles it and how the Texans game plan changes could be a good thing is the absence of Will Fuller. Cooks will undoubtedly have more opportunities now, but he will also be the focus of the defense now. As I stated the volume I’m sure will go up but since the coaching change he has had a nice amount of volume and other than a three week book he hasn’t done much with it. Already seeing 9-12 targets a week and in the last 6 games he hasn’t sent over ninety yards and has only two touchdowns in those games. With all the volume in those last six he has had over 7 receptions just twice. There is always the possibility that Cooks explodes and becomes a top 15 wide receiver, but with it being the deciding week in a lot of leagues out there I’m not willing to risk it until I see how it looks. Swerve Cooks this week and avoid any possible traffic jams he could cause.

Best of luck this week! Let’s get in the playoffs and get you in position for the championship!