How to watch football like a pro

Who doesn’t know about the football world cup? Everybody knows it is coming in 2018 although not all appreciate the game. Those who know where to find the fun in football surely will tell you they can’t wait for the event to come. Despite being a global game, some people still struggle to watch the game and actually get the overwhelming fun that comes with watching the game. This is where you’ll find all the latest on the best matches from the Champions League and the Premier League teams.

Why would you miss out on these great Premier League Games when you could be there live?

It is not a must be amongst a 50000 fans seated on the soccer pitch. You can watch the game live on TV. If that option is still not available, you can stream the game at whatever location you may be. Watch football lie and in person (soccer). Soccer fans don’t let even a single moment pass them. Who could have guessed Barcelona could come back to score 6 against PSG? Hope you get the fun am talking about. Even then, the fun isn’t only in the goals. Soccer itself is a game to watch no matter what. Here is what to work on to improve your watching and make it fun.

Get to know the rules of football


Most of the ladies lag behind here and that probably explains why more football fans are men. Of course a game without rules can’t deliver the fun. The players have to struggle to score while still observing the rules. Starting from the basic structure and team formations, you need to learn these as the game kicks off. The duration taken, the touchlines and goal lines, pitch markings, foul making, offside rules, free kicks, card giving, penalty shooting are all encompassed by certain rules.

Get to appreciate the game

At the end of the ninety minutes or extra time, what is important for every team is to get the three points. That means goal scoring and tactic defending. The manner that a team will do that will have to include game flow, dribbling, foul making and all manner of fun inside the ninety minutes. Rather than sitting back and waiting for the goals to be scored, you can enjoy the fun and players make their play. Seeing the underdogs beating the big lions is in itself a bunch of fun as well as history writing before your very eyes. Watching the style of play for a given team is also fun.

Catch the great games live in person

Soccer is a world game. To watch football live and in person (soccer), you need nothing but the best matches. The big leagues can deliver that. Talk of the European champions’ league, the premier league, MLS, Laliga, Serie A and the like. They have head to head matches involving the biggest clubs in the world. You simply can’t afford the big matches.
It doesn’t hurt to be a fan of one big team in every league. In fact, it’s the best way to get the fun as your team wins the trophies.